Friday, September 13, 2013

Blog 1: Syria Talks Yeild Plan to Discuss Peace Conference

Russian and U.S. officials met this past Thursday to discuss the previous proposed plan to place Syria's chemical weapons under the international control as part of a plan to eliminate them. Previous discussions between Russia and the U.S. on whether to invite Syria to an international peace conference was further discussed, but with some skepticism. In past discussions the there has been a divide on whom should and should not attend the conference. The Syrian government has released information on is chemical weapons, but with some reservations. However, the rebel opposition has not yet agreed due to some uncertainty created by President Obama's plan to hold off on any military action at this point in time. This has also created a concern in Israel concerning the erosion of the American policy towards Iran. As of Thursday, Mr. Assad publicly stated that his country has formally applied to be apart of the Chemical Weapons Treaty. Mr. Kerry however, feels that the process that would require Syria to provide a detailed statement of all quantities, locations, etc. within 60 days would take too long and that a more immediate action needs to take place. Spokeswoman Erin Pelton felt that Syria's verbal commitment is not enough for a country that has already used chemical weapons on its own people.

It is obvious that no matter what decision the U.S. makes someone will not be happy. So it is matter of fact of which will have the best result with the least amount of repercussion. With a resolution in sight, it is not one without much skepticism. This process is just a way to delay the final decision of whether or not to take military action on a country that has illegally used chemical weapons on its own people.

Kateland Patino

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