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Blog 1 Turkey’s Education Ministry to revise new education system

Blog #1 Turkey’s Education Ministry to revise new education system

 The education ministry in Turkey is in the process of revising a new education system. The system that is already in place consists of sixth, seventh and eighth graders taking a test at the end of each school year in place of the High School Entrance Exam. The system is based on the children’s performance by only one exam.

 The new education system that is trying to revolve is based on only ending the circumstance where the children's opportunity of getting into a high school is based on a single test. This new system would be testing on six basic subjects throughout the year instead of giving one exam that has no chance for make ups. These new exams will be given by the Education Ministry. Instead of having the one exam that determined your school year performance: the new system allows the  results of the exams to be added into students total grades to decide the high school they will be accepted into without the need for any other exams. It was also stated that with this new revision that “60% percent of students admissions scores will be decided by the standardized test scores, and the remaining 40% percent will be based on the classroom teacher's discretionary credit (reflecting the efforts of a student).” ( The teachers feel that is an incorrect percentage and unfair. The head leaders feel that the change (revision) will be easy, and smooth. Teachers still are unsure about this revision. There concerns are about different schools; children grades, security issues with testing at schools, teacher shortages and other issues. It was stated in the article that Critics said “taking the exam all three years would lessen students' anxiety about taking a single examination to determine the high school they would be admitted to. However, the change only served to increase the children's anxiety further”.   (


Even though it might seem difficult for the Turkish to transition to the new education system; it might be beneficial in the end. Looking at the global education system children are being stretched to the max. Not only the children, but the teachers as well. Having to take many standardized test over and over. Many would say that having these tests takes away from the learning, because they are only worried about a single test. Anything that can reduce their anxiety as a whole is worth having. Change is not always easy, but can be helpful.

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(I quoted two items from the article: titled (

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