Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blog 1 " Pollutions in the Fu River killed thousands of fish "

A plant owned by Hubei Shuanghuan in Hong Kong spilled ammonia to the Fu River, killing thousands fish. Accordingly to the Worlds Health Organization “naturally occurring ammonia appears in surface water at concentrations of about 12 milligrams per liter, while the similar figure for drinking water is around 0.02 milligrams per liter.” The ammonia concentration spilled from the plant was 196 milligrams per a liter. The plant has violated environmental protection laws four times since 2008. They were warned many times already but it was said that the enforcement was too weak. The plant produces glass which results in sodium carbonate and ammonium chloride from fertilizer.  The environmental agency insisted the people be clam because the river was never used as drinking water. Water pollution is a major concern because last year about a third of the major rivers in China were damage due to water pollution. Spills in the Fu River are a major concern because the river connects to the Yangtze River, the lengthiest river in China and is used for drinking to millions of populations.  

Chemical spills anywhere are a major problem, it needs to be discussed and laws be made to protect rivers, dams, and even oceans. Because we are an organism living with other organism, we need each other to survive. Water pollution will not only hurt the people in those areas but the ecosystem can demolish. If this repeatedly occurs it will degrade the quality of the land and its ecosystem can be destroyed forever. The government will need to set very strict standards for companies to follow. They will need to give more authority to environmental agencies in order to prevent pollution from occurring.

Mailee Vue
September 12, 2013

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