Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blog 2 "Climate changes do to Amazon Rain Forest"

 A group of scientists traveled to the Amazon Rain Forest to perceive the effect of climate changes on plant life. They noted that “The plants are on the run, trying to move to higher ground, where the air is cool enough to support their existence” It is a race of the fittest, some will make it sufficient to sustain their survival needs and will preserve awhile those that don’t will extinct.  They are reproducing at the same time of traveling up slope, but will be a difficult and slow trip. Every year species on the Andean Trees are moving at a rate of 8-12 feet, but in order to move accordingly to their temperature they have to move 20 feet in a year. “Research models by other biologists project that more than 50 percent of tropical species could die off by 2100 or sooner if average temperatures rise by 7 degrees Fahrenheit, as climate experts predict. If the planet warms even more, which are possible, extinctions could reach 90 percent” Because of competition and the shortage time plants have in response to the rising temperature, not many species will make it to the top.

Changes above might be small in the tropics of the Amazon, but there are dramatic impacts everywhere due to global warming. Every country is experiencing some change effect to the climate change whether its rainfall, drought, or disaster like tsunami it affects all of us no matter where we live on the planet. It is certainly embarrassing to see plants already responding to changes in climate temperature. They are already making changes for their survival, but we greedy “humans” are not willing to spend the time and money to save our planet and our future generations; instead piled up the money to drill as much resources that’s left on earth to sustain our greed of wealth. There are so many reasons why human need plants, whether it’s for oxygen, medicine, preservation for further needs, or nature. Plants and other organism need us and so do we. In order to save plants or us from extinction, government intervention is critical. The U.S and China, the top two countries of producing greenhouse gas must construct stringent policies to control their gas emissions. Cooperation is what is needed to save our motherly earth for our future generations.
 Mailee Vue
September 18, 2013

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