Friday, September 20, 2013

blog 2: Democracy's restoration project

The article by Nick Malkoutzis informs us about how Greece's democratic system used to be a shining beacon above all, but has recently been faltering.  Greece has recently been in a state of major unrest due to a very poor economy and a wave of extremist uprisings asking for change.  The blame has been shifted around many times but the prime minister Antonis Samaras has insisted that his countries democratic practices have been challenged due to the “populists and extremists” .  The article then goes on to tell us that due to Greece’s state of ill repair the country is very vulnerable and could be tested by almost anyone.  The country has in fact seen a trying of power when a severe right wingest stabbed to death a known liberal hip hop star named Pavlos Fyssas.  The prime minister is unsure as to what exactly to do to repair the once glorious Greece but has pointed in the direction of the growing age of technology to help spread knowledge to his people. 

The state of Greece is an interesting issue because while it used to be a super power that had control over a vast amount of land, but it seems it is now being reduced to questions over how to maintain democracy, a system in which it prided itself.  Greece has the possibility to make a comeback with an extensive amount of infrastructural work.  The article insists that “populists and extremist” are to blame, but with the depleted economy one could only but expect the massive wave of citizens demanding reform.  Greece also has seen a major problem with corruption, and has been utilizing political strategies in order to take the blame from those up top in order to make the citizens believe it is truly just and infrastructure problem which can be solved by knowledge found on the internet.  Overall, Greece is facing a major social problem where citizens are unhappy and are resorting to acts of sensationalist violence to make their voice heard. 
Ryan Clark

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