Friday, September 20, 2013

Blog 2: Russia Calls U.N. Chemical Report on Syria Biased

After proposing a  plan to disarm the Syrian government, Russia now questions the reports of the U.N. that points a finger at the Syrian leader Mr. Assad.  Russia says that the report was biased and needed to go above the evidence that just pertained to the incident that happened on August 21st and include previous incidences where chemical weapons were used.  News of these previous occasions where insurgents used chemical weapons was released after Russia's deputy foreign minister, Sergei A. Ryabkov, visited Damascus and met with Syria’s government.  Although, this information was not disclosed to the U.N. chemical weapon investigators, it has been said that they will return on a later date to investigate the previous occasions.  A few people disagreed with Russia.  In response to Russia's claim, Martin Nesirky, a spokesman for Ban Ki-moon, said that the evidence found was indisputable.  Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius of France said that the accountability of the people appointed by the U.N. cannot be questioned.  Through this all, Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad, has publicly said that he did not used chemical weapons and has agreed to comply with the U.N. chemical weapons agreement despite the money and time it will cost Syria.   Russia with permanent veto power, seems to be planting enough doubt to question the amount to pressure put on Syria's government and to possibly blur evidence of the Soviets presence in at least some of Syria's arsenal.

The question here is: Why is Russia all the sudden trying to say that Mr.Assad didn't use chemical weapons and blaming insurgents, when just last week Russia was in the mist of proposing a plan to disarm Syria of its chemical weapons under the belief that Mr.Assad was linked to the attack? Who really knows what is behind all this, but one can probably link it to the surfacing news of the previous occasions chemical weapons were used. And this may due to the fact, as stated at the end of the previous paragraph, that Russia is linked to the weapons that were used and if Mr.Assad did use chemical weapons on its own people then Russia is in part to blame. It is obvious that Mr.Assad, despite all the money and time that would be spent by complying with the U.N. chemical weapons agreement, is trying to prove to us that it really wasn't him who was responsible for the attack. But, then again, is he just trying to trick us into believing his innocence so that he can get away with essentially murdering his own people for no reason?

Kateland Patino

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