Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blog 2: U.N. Panel Urges International Action on North Korean Human Rights Abuses

Blog 2: U.N. Panel Urges International Action on North Korean Human Rights Abuses
Due to the shocking evidence collected the United Nations experts that have been investigating human rights conditions in North Korea say that it demands international response. With more people escaping from the brutal police state in North Korea, the Human Rights Council had pushed for the investigation with the attempts to bring new attention to allegations of the horrifying abuse. In the recent months the testimonies that Michael Donald Kirby, the chair-men of the three-member Commission of Inquiry, got a reaction similar from when the concentration camps that were found in Europe after WWII. One of the former prisoners said that she had seen that one of the other woman had to drown her own child in a bucket, while another man had to burn the bodies of the other prisoners that had died from starvation. Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe, United States ambassador to the Human Rights Council says that “The great value has begun to shed light on the horrifying realities of life in North Korea and raise international awareness of the ongoing tragedy and barbaric conditions there.” (Nytimes, September 17, 2013). Though the actions that will be taken against North Korea are unclear at this time, it would require the approval of their long time ally China. Chen Chuandong said “Politicized accusations and pressures are not helpful to improving human rights in any country…on the contrary; they will only provoke confrontation and undermine the foundation and atmosphere for international human rights cooperation.” (Nytimes, September 17, 2013). The panel has sent many requests for cooperation and access to North Korea, even including a letter to the country’s leader Kim Jong-un. But the government of North Korea keeps saying that it “totally and categorically rejects the Commission of Inquiry” (Nytimes, September 17, 2013). Mr. Kirby has invited North Korea to give hard evidence that will refute all allegations that had been made but none had been forthcoming.
                In reading this article it is hard to believe that this kind of activity is still going on in today’s society. The things that are going on in North Korea are going against all the human rights that are in place for today’s world. A lot of people many say that it is kind of behavior goes against all human morals that we would think people of today’s world would have.

Lindsay Gebbia 
 September 23, 2013
12:44 a.m.

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