Thursday, September 26, 2013



Scientist are starting to think that respiratory infections in small children and many more severe infections are linked to a toxic element, called arsenic, that has been contaminating drinking water. Arsenic swirls in a dark, metalloid shimmer in soil and rocks in the United States and other countries. Arsenic seeps into the groundwater, therefore contaminating it. When this was discovered, it was noted and dismissed by public health researchers because it was considered a minor problem.

Bangladesh is a country that has been highly exposed to arsenic; they are now becoming the "living laboratory for the health effects of arsenic." Residents of this country that were highly exposed to arsenic showed signs of reduced lung function. Dr. Ahsan is a native of Bangladesh and he states in the article that we need to take arsenic exposure very seriously. In the article it stated that, "In 2010 this doctor reported that 24 percent of all deaths from chronic disease in his study population could be attributed to drinking arsenic contaminated well water."

Every since then researchers have begun reevaluating arsenic as a threat in water and also food supply. They are now setting a limit to the arsenic allowed in apple juice and also focusing on the risks that foods like rice cause. The E.P.A's safety standard of 10 p.p.b for arsenic in drinking water may be set but there isn't a regulation on private well water; about 13 million people get their drinking water from private wells. One study of private wells in Michigan found increased morality rates linked to a range of things, from diabetes to heart disease. Another study found that the higher the arsenic exposure in the mother, the greater the number of respiratory infections in infants. I think that everyone should take precaution to the contamination of arsenic in what they drink and eat. If we aren't able to completely eliminate arsenic in our water and food, then we should at least expose ourselves to it as least as possible.
Quarshona Collins
September 26, 2013
11:36 am

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