Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog 3 : Attacks in Kenya Mall

A few days ago a mall in Kenya fell under attack by what is believed to be a Somalia based Al-Shabaab terror group.  Witnesses say around 10 or 15 gunmen stormed in the mall.  They were going store to store shooting people and taking others as hostages.  Attackers were quizzing shoppers on their faith and religion while deciding whether to let them go or not.  They typically released Muslims and targeted other people.  Only some were spared despite not being Muslim.  Security forces in Kenya have been able to defeat the mall attackers.  Five of the attackers were killed in the fighting and eleven others have been arrested for connections with this attack.  The price of ending this dispute wasn't small though.  The death toll is currently up to 61 including six dead security officers.  About 175 injuries were reported and 62 people remain in the hospital.  In addition, there are still 65 people that remain unaccounted for.

It seems to be unclear why these attacks came about which makes the situation harder to analyze.  However, one thing that really stuck out was the fact that this terror group was sparing the lives of Muslims.  It was if they felt the Muslims had some sort of superiority over everybody else.  They only really wanted to bring harm to Kenyan people and not people that they may have felt were the same as them.  This could be a political issue that hasn't surfaced yet.  It could also be a religion issue since the main religion practiced in Kenya is Christianity.  More information will need to be released on these attacks to fully understand their purpose.


Kaelin Graham
3:27 p.m.

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