Friday, September 27, 2013

Blog 3: European Universities Catch the Online Wave

European Universities Catch the Online Wave

Jörn Loviscach is a professor at the University of Applied Science in Bielefield, Germany. He has been known for posting his lectures on YouTube since 2009. People who comment on his posts are mainly students but it has been known that parents of the students, and even professional engineers. He doesn't post just lectures but problem solving tutorials, math instructions and even discussions on relative theory. After about a year of doing this he turned this into a Massive Online Open Course which also allowed quizzes and discussion boards on this as well. Due to this many other platforms have started to develop all throughout Europe. The pros to this tactic is that there are little to no tuition costs, no scheduling conflicts and no admission requirements. However the cons are no college credit is given for a course like this and the original work cannot be graded. A lot of other professors don't agree with this type of learning and fear students will only turn to a computer screen and not the actual professor for help. 

This is a great way for education to be taught outside of a classroom. With this type of learning out there students will be able to get the help that they need if a professor is not available or they don't have the courage to ask for help. However I do agree that with this type of learning students may never attend class or think that the computer tutorials will just teach them everything they need to know. But I also understand why this would be out there for students its all about helping them learn what they don't understand in the classroom. There are different methods for different types of students and this would be another great source for students who need step by step instructions and are falling behind when it comes to a college course.

Emily B. Lewis
3:53 p.m
September 27th, 2013

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