Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blog 3 " Observatory Track Changes in Marine Life due to Water Acidification"

Scientists at the Massachusetts-based Woods Hole Oceanographic institution (WHOI) and the Okinawa Institution of Science and Technology Graduate School (OIST) were curious of the effect of water acidification to ocean life. They installed an observatory called “OceanCube”. Its purpose is to “monitors temperature, salinity, and other chemical, physical and biological data in the Pacific Ocean.” The OceanCube is placed 2 miles offshore the coast of Motobu Peninsula in Okinawa, Japan. It has a central node at depth of 72 feet placed near the biodiversity and joint of two major currents in the Pacific Ocean. With its location, the Observatory can collect and measure changes to the coral reefs and the corals also. “The instruments calculate water motion and observe the underwater environment, creating a three-dimensional map of the current's velocity and the flux of water.” With the results from the OceanCube, scientist will be able to see and predict changes. Scientists were amazed of the OceanCube’s ability to light up and capture images of the microscopic organism from the very dark portion of the ocean. With the success of the OceanCube, scientists hoped to build more to monitor the ocean globally.

This new technology is compelling and appears to be performing its job effectual. Throughout the article were discussions of features of the observatory and the knowledge scientist will gain. Nothing about what harms can bring to the marine life in the area around the observatory. The concern that should have been addressed is the location of the machine. It was placed at a very deep and biodiversity part of the Pacific Ocean. Because of the depth of the area, no human intervention occurs there. With the observatory’s abilities to capture images and lighten dark areas, it can harm the living organism there. Before scientist goes any further they need to determine what harms the observatory brings to the marine life there.  

 Mailee Vue
September 25, 2013

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