Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blog #3 United Nations feels as though they are close to a resolution.

Brittany Brooks
11:20 am

The United Nations is claiming that after months they are finally close to a resolution for the Syria issue. Two diplomats have said, “We have reached a consensus on the broad elements, including a “reference” to sanctions should Syria fail to comply with its obligations.” They also said that the resolution would include language to hold the perpetrators of the chemical attack accountable. They claim, “We’re close, we’re quite close. It will be clear what Syria needs to do.” Russia and the United Stated have disagreed over whether this resolution would fall under Chapter seven of the United Nations Charter. If it was to fall under this it would authorize the Security Council to enforce it with sanctions or eve military force. Although there are diplomats stating that they are very close to a resolution and that it will be soon, there is Russia who feels completely different. A spokesman for the Russian mission at the United Nations feels as though the parties have not yet reached an agreement on Syria and that it was “wishful thinking”. The Secretary General’s office and foreign ministries have discussed how quickly they can schedule a peace conference to be held in Geneva. There has been $900 million in aid pledges for those in Syria that have been facing crisis and those in the neighboring countries. There is an estimated seven million Syrians who are in need of help and half of those are children. Humanitarian aid is not getting though and there is a push currently for that to change.

It has been made clear that the United Nations feels as though they are making progress with the Syria situation and are close to a resolution. However, Russia feels the exact opposite. Will these differentiating feeling prevent a resolution from being made? There are millions of people in Syria and neighboring countries that need help and need a decision to be made. Russia seems to be uncomfortable with the decision that has been made because they do not want it to fall under chapter seven of the United Nations Charter. Russia is still very opposed to having any form of military action taken against Syria at any point. Although a peaceful resolution is trying to be made first it is confusing to why Russia is so opposed to it. Does Russia really have Syria’s best interests at heart? Why is Russia the only country that seems to be so opposed to the resolution that the United Nations has come up with. However, despite how long it take the United Nations and Russia to agree on a plan there are millions of people in need of aid. There is 9 million dollars of aid that is waiting to be used. It is important that the needs of Syria’s people and the people affected by this tragedy in neighboring countries are being placed first in this decision.

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