Friday, September 27, 2013

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Afghan Women Gain Education and Rights, but Still Face Abused, Forced Marriages:

            It seems that many women in Afghanistan are finally being exposed to the normal freedoms of other women the world. Even though many women in Afghanistan are now finally getting the opportunities to be educated, watch soap operas and use phones many have to run away and are even being put into prison for not wanting to be in oppressive marriages or families any longer. Some groups have set up shelters for women who are fleeing from oppressive families or parents who are forcing them to be married. The number of women fleeing only seems to be increasing and shelters are rather crowded now. Although running away from home is not a legal crime it is seen as very serious crime within Islamic tradition. The problem now isn’t that they need the freedom to do these things. They are now living in a democracy; all they need is for rigid traditional families to adhere to these social changes.

It seems that these issues women are having in Afghanistan are having is a excellent example of the social lag theory. With the advancement of globalization, women are able to access information to these advancements but their traditions don’t agree with the same “western” equality. As the inequalities between men and women lesson around the world and women are seen more as equals in government and work force Afghanistan culture and tradition apposes these things. Women are now seen to have the same freedoms as men, and although they exercise or attempt to through education and denying arranged marriages, it is still not accepted socially. So Afghanistan is sort of in a cultural lag compared to other more idealistically developed. Women are right to exercise their freedom in fleeing abusive situations and marriages.
This situation is an example of the truths about sexuality and women being exhibited to the Afghanistan’s. Women are not subject to men and the restraints put on them, but are free individuals, not intellectually or biologically inferior in any way.  Now that these things are being acknowledge women are exercising the freedom nature gave them to exert their own rights. The right of marrying whom they please and living a life they please, the right to education, equality and places in the workforce. 

Anna Jacobsen

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