Friday, September 27, 2013

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Saturday, September 21 reports went out about the Kenya shopping mall attack. Nairobi’s Westgate Mall was gunned down for four days by the al-Shabab terrorist. Within this four day massacre there are 67 victims, more than 70 people missing and nearly 200 people wounded.  Forensics reports say all the victims were mutilated. In ways of being hanged with there eyes gouged out, removal of eyes, balls, ears and nose, and their fingers being cut by pliers and sharpened by pencil sharpeners. With that they would tell you to write your name in your own blood. Allegations that some of the hostages had been beheaded and raped couldn’t be verified. Kenya’s National Intelligence Agency (NIS) has been greatly accused my politicians for facts that they had warnings of this attack but when unheeded. Yet, with the same report a policewoman who is pregnant was told by her brother who is with the Kenyan intelligence not to go to Westgate that day warning her of the terror attack.

            This horrifying event is a tragedy that left all ages, women and men killed. When watching a small clip of some of the survivors tell their story it was truly heartbreaking. One lady lay next to a teenage boy shot and heard his cell phone go off and while reaching it she realized he had was dead and put his blood on her to make it appear that she was dead or at least badly wounded. This story should touch the hearts of all because this could have been the mall right up the street. With the NIS knowing this attack was going to happen and not doing anything about it  should bring attention that we really need to buckle down with who is working for the people who are suppose to protect us. Even for the pregnant policewoman not to say anything is an upset. Innocent people, kids, cousins, fathers and mothers were brutally killed all because they decided to go to the mall on the wrong Saturday.

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