Friday, September 13, 2013

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    In New Dheli, India on Tuesday outside of courthouse there are citizens with several signs that have statements like "a women life is the foundation, do not defile it". Last December 16, a young lady was raped with a iron rod on a bus by four men for almost an hour. Then the girl was dumped on the side of the road. Her injuries were so bad that some of her internal organs had to be removed. The victim died two weeks later.


      Inside the court the four men, from the ages of 19-28, were sentenced to the capital punishment for the raping, kidnapping, and murder of the young lady. The death sentence. Prosecution got exactly what they wanted and rightfully deserved. I believe that with this outcome will affect the Indian society.


Human Rights advocates and the men believe that capital punishment is too harsh. Prosecutors are afraid that the men will never be executed since they are going to try to appeal the sentence. In the article, it states the death sentences issued by Indian courts have rarely been carried out in the past decade.

As a female, I hope that the Indian government sticks with the initial sentencing even when they try to appeal it. This is a serious crime that occurs frequently and as a global society it needs to be cracked down on.  This case will be the example for the many cases to come after and hopefully it can raise more awareness.

Natalia Alexander

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