Thursday, September 19, 2013

Education Boycott In Turkey

The Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) which is a Turkish based organization wants to boycott to demand that schools should teach in their native Kurdish language. They currently speak in Turkish language. They are also trying to persuade parents to not send their children to school for the first week of school during the new school year. It is stated they have all the right to seek education in their mother tongue, but the ways they seek these rights have to in the right way. The government system in Turkey has been working on reforms to offer the right to receive education in the mother tongue. Government officials still have many objections to the change, and they stated that the situation is not on their agenda. They looked over it and it is something that they don’t want to spend much time on it, but it still hasn’t been laid in stone as to what they will decide to do.

  Overall as stated before the KCK, parents, and children have a right; the right to an education in the mother tongue is a basic human right (( The government is not taking this basic human right seriously, and the community feels that they should not close the door completely in this issue of an education in the mother tongue; as it will cause a great public disappointment (( Even though the government is trying to bypass this situation, locals feels they should at least acknowledge that education in the mother tongue  is a basic right for all and keep it that way, even if the change might happen or not. Showing that they disagree will come a lot of issues. Either if parents send or don’t send their children to school; there decision should be respected. In the days that come majority of parents sent their children to school, disregarding KCK boycott.

 This article really shows that people will fight for what they believe in. Having there mother language thought in the school was fairly important. KCK wanted the parents to be on their side by keeping their children at home. Before finding out the outcome. It might of have been that the parents were going to follow KCK, but they didn’t. Analyzing the education I, and how everyone does not have the opportunity to go. It seems that the parents were not concerned about what language education was spoken. I seemed that they just cared about education, and didn’t want to manipulate the opportunity of having an education offed to their children


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