Thursday, September 26, 2013

How U.S is effecting Mexico's Education status- Sarah Vestrat

Education for children in Mexico is not something easy to come across and many Mexican children find themselves crossing the border each morning to attend a school in Luna County, New Mexico. The only reason many of the children are able to cross the border is because they were born in New Mexico making them US citizens allowing for them to attend better schools. The children would attend the schools provided for them in Mexico but the problem is that the schools in Palomas which is thirty miles from Luna County requires monthly fees which is not something many Mexican citizens can afford and the U.S schools provide much more for no cost such as breakfast and lunch which is sometimes the only meals the children receive.  The problem with the children going to the schools in New Mexico is that their parents are not paying the taxes and their children are basically attending the school with no cost. The article explains the uproar in trying to keep them out of the U.S. For instance, a man named Mark Reshel, 64 and a retired Marine believes that the 14th amendment, which automatically confers citizenship on anyone born in the U.S. should be altered. The U.S. representative Rep. Steve King has created legislation claiming that now the child can only be considered a U.S citizen unless the parent is a legal citizen. Another factor that came into play 3 years ago because of the money being spent this is a new policy made by Mexican officials now claiming that only life-threatening cases would be allowed to cross the border for hospital care and now all cases are taken care of through public health clinic in Palomas, and for this reason they made access to the clinic more available with 24 hour staff. One statement from the article that really struck me was when the principle of the school stated this, “We’re here to teach children,” Moore said. “They’re American citizens, and we want them to be literate. If they’re literate, they get jobs. And they pay taxes.” (Washington post). This statement is most important because it shows that educating the children of Mexico in turn benefits us and they do pay in the end.
The legislation passed in Mexico is going to cause many problems for those in Mexico. Many of the parents living there and having children are no longer going to be able to send their children to good schools. As mentioned they don’t have the means to send them to the schools provided in Mexico this results in many illiterate people in Mexico and little job opportunity other than the drug cartels which will create more violence in Mexico. Education is key to getting better jobs and also keeping the children out of violent situations. The schools in New Mexico also provided the Mexican children with food, something they did not get much of at home. How will the parents provide for the children now that children are being born in Mexico won’t be born in U.S. and will no longer be considered U.S. citizens? The U.S. has created a huge social problem for Mexico and now the future of many Mexican children are hanging in the balance. The issue created here is causing greater issues elsewhere, it’s basically like the U.S. left it to them to figure out. It’s no longer their problem and now the poorest will stay poor.
Name: Sarah Vestrat
Time: 11:05
Date: 9/26/2013

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