Thursday, September 26, 2013

Students in Egypt march for Morsi Mohamed

Many students in different parts of Egypt held many marches during this week following their first day of school. The education ministry warned these students that it isn’t the best thing not involve themselves with political things. One group that totally supported these students was The National Alliance for Defense. These marches are to support their ousted president Morsi Mohamed. He was the first democratic president. It was only a year that he was in office. He was ousted due to charges, one which is murder. Also they believe that he was undercover with the Palestine militant group called the “Hamas”.

 The students went around chanting “Down with the Junta”(article quoted); which means down with the military; basically telling them to back off. In another area as many as four hundred students would not go into school. Just as the education ministry warned the students, the staff at the schools did as well, they felt that I wasn’t needed for them to get there selves involved. In Samalout girls school; went into the school, but they went in chanting!! With all the different marches they had rabaa signs raised in the air. Also in some they had more than just signs, they had supportive songs playing.
        Even with the many marches help throughout Egypt they all at the same goal in mind. The goal was to support their fallen leader Morsi. There were Pro-Morsi and they wanted to let everyone know. The thing that was very impressive is the students did not use any kind of violence, they only used their words. Sometimes people can take words more threatening. They were willing to miss to for what they believed in. Weather Morsi acted in the alleged cases; they are behind him one-hundred percent. I like that they took a stand as young pope in the world. Some of the head people tried to make the students stop what they believed in. This shows you that no matter people will express and go with what they think is right. Also that is does not have to take violence to get your point across, and I like how they did not cause a rage. They said how they felt without any weapons involved. It is possible because they showed us. They did not let anyone get in there way of speaking there opinion a Mohamed Morsi, and there support for him.

Tess Smith


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