Saturday, September 14, 2013

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The Tragedy of The Russian Psychiatric Home Fire
During the early hours of Friday, September 13th, thirty seven people were killed in a psychiatric hospital in northwest Russia during a fire. This was considered to be the largest tragedy to hit the countries mental health institutions. The fire seemed to have started by one of the patients of the hospital who were smoking or purposely set fire to his bed in the hospital. This happened in a small village in Luka.

It was a single storied wood and concrete building, which housed a total of sixty male patients. Of the sixty male patients, fifteen were bedbound. A nurse even died in the fire while trying to save her patients. The fire spread quickly and wild. Many patients were pushed out of the windows, reluctant to leave.

The fire raised many concerns for people in Russia. It brought attention to the country that oversight should improve. The Kremlins human rights were aware of this and sounded the alarm over the state. Many people were trying to help, and decided that as a society they could do better and help protect one another more, especially for people who are unable to protect themselves.


This fire raised a lot of awareness as to how safety must improve; Not only in Russia but in places all around the world. Old facilities that are not up to standard must be, and must have the proper equipment to be able to actually guarantee patients safety when things of this nature happen.
Courtney Brown
September 14, 2013
10:00 pm

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