Monday, September 30, 2013


This article highlights the attack on a Kenyan mall by militants. The attack, which is linked to the terrorist group al-Shabab, was strategically planned. Senior security forces informed the BBC that the assailants hired a shop in the mall weeks leading up to the siege. This strategy enabled them to re-arm quickly and repel the security forces.  In order for the assailants to rent a mall in the shop, it is said that they would have needed fake IDs, which could have been supplied by corrupt government officials. 

The BBC confirmed that the attackers were dropped off at the mall by two vehicles. After the drop off, the attackers proceeded in setting up a base using a ventilation shaft as a hiding place on the first floor. It is still a mystery as to how many individuals took part on the attack. Senior sources within al-Shabab constantly threatened the Kenyan government, telling them to withdraw their troops from Somalia. The attack was a result of the Kenyan government's refusal to withdraw their troops from Somalia. An issue that is still in contest regarding the events that took place is if hostages died due to the collapse of a section of the mall. A section of the mall was blown up by military officials. It is said that if the hostages were alive prior to the collapse of the section, then the military considered the lives of the hostages expendable.

As Kenya mourns the death of its people, one can't help but wonder how huge of a factor terrorism plays in our society. Terrorism manipulates our mode of living. Different societies have adapted their way of life due to terrorism. A country like Israel has adapted to terror and restructured the way of life of their citizens to keep them safe from terror.

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