Friday, October 18, 2013

Air Pollution a leading cause of cancer U.N agency- Blog 6

Air Pollution is a leading cause of cancer-UN agency

The United Nations is finding that there are many cancer-causing agents in air pollution.  There have been 223,000 cancer-related deaths, specifically lung cancer in 2010.  There is also claims that air pollution can contribute to bladder cancer.  This amount of pollution causing detriments can be compared to that of second-hand smoke.  

The pollution is caused by lots chemicals as well as particulate matter.  Some of the causes include transport, power generation, industrial and agricultural emissions and others.  Some of the diseases known already are other respiratory and heart diseases, but it was not as well known that these pollutants cause lung and other cancers.  Studies were done on mice;with exposing them to air pollution and watching the results.  This is very apparent among rapidly developing countries like China, but is also apparent globally.  

The particulate matter specifically is a problem.  It is classified as a group 1 pollutant along with aesbestos, sillica dust and tobacco smoke.

I think that pollution is a big problem.  Many people know that pollution causes many factors but that fact that it also causes cancer is a huge discovery and in my opinion is common sense, but now that it has been proven will hopefully shed a light on the problem of pollution in the world.  The World Health Organization now has more evidence to help combat the issues of pollution. 

Lillian Brown

Oct 18, 2013 2:47 pm


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