Monday, October 21, 2013

Are Syrian peace talks far from reality?

Syria has been a game of up and downs, one day peace talks are for sure and the next they are gone with the wind. Peace talks were scheduled to take place in November but it seems that now there has been a halt to all talks. The regime which really hoped to get support from the United States and our military has really come to an abrupt halt. According to the Unites Nations, talk of peace which had been said to come soon is now in a distant land. Any talk of peace could possibly take place months from now.

The talk of peace in Syria is a broken record, we take one step forward and then two back. As of now nothing is set in stone and it doesn't seem to be any time soon either, like always we need to just keep hopes up and play the waiting game. On the positive side, any signs of a military strike are non-existing and we are still keep in it within the boundaries of our government. A couple of answers would really be helpful right now though.

Enrique Diaz

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