Friday, October 04, 2013

Blog 4: Gaps in Graduates' Skills Confound Morocco

Gaps in Graduates' Skills Confound Morocco

It has been noted that the Moroccan Government spends a high proportion of its budget on education coming to a total of a quarter of it. But with the high emphasis on education there seems to be a problem with Moroccan Graduates it's the job market. Newly college graduates are finding it harder and harder to find jobs blaming education to be the problem as to why none of the grads are able to find jobs. Thousands of graduates go down to the Parliament and protest demanding that the government takes more of a stance in helping the students find jobs. Many are starting to believe that education does not help you to succeed. With over 6.5 million students in Morocco in elementary schools and 600,000 in high school many debate of if the students will even want to graduate now or better yet find a decent job by the time they finish college. With a country that spends so much money on education many are starting to wonder if education in Morocco is really the route to go. 

I find this information devastating, it is unfortunate to know that students spend all of this time in school to not even get a job afterwards. We have some of the same problems here in America with college students which is why I find this article to be useful when describing a falling job market around the world. This is not only a country problem but a global problem. We are finding out that more and more students are graduating all around the world and not having a job to go to afterwards. With a country that spends so much of its budget on education it makes me wonder why the government isn't doing more to help the students find jobs. However this is the overall problem. The governments all around the world tell us how important education is but how important is it really when you have no job to go to afterwards? This is something that the world as a whole needs to elaborate on a bit more. It is becoming more of a problem all around the world and as a college student of my own I want to know that something is being done so when I graduate I know for sure I have a job to go to and all of my education has paid off! 

Emily B. Lewis
3:09 P.M
October 4th, 2013

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