Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blog 4: no sanctuary for Syria's Female Refugees

In this article as well as in the video there are numerous stories told of young girls ranging from ages 13-17 that are getting married off for their own protection. Soon after marriage no matter their age they are having children and no longer receiving the much needed education they desire. They young girls and their families are refugees from the country Syria and seek safety from their homeland. The women and young girls exchanging death for what could be possible rape now living in a Zaartari camp. Believing that marriage is the only way to keep them safe from the other alternatives where they will be honored for the marriage statuses and not raped for being single. Many mothers saying that they would never let them marry if they were back In Syria. They parents and the children are all sad about what they are forced to do in order to staff safe in dong such a joyful thing in the most horrible way. The young girls having children so early and taking on responsibilities they are not yet ready for or wanting is also a big concern.

There is so much to say about this issue that is going on in Syria that in return is forcing its females to flee to Jordan for what may be even worse than the death they were so afraid of. The war that is going on in Syria is not only taking lives in homeland but after the women leave they are also in the war zone against the men that lurk around the aid giving picking them off like flies taking their innocence and giving them what they feel is worse than the death they could of received back home in their homeland. With all the refugees that are coming in the resources become low leaving all the women and their female to the vulnerability of the offered “ help” from men that see but in return is only rape and displacement from the refugee camp and the little aid they have. Possible if there was more aid and protection from the female’s rape and also the force of marriage from rape would not be a problem. Aid to the war should not be the main focus but aid for the people who want nothing to do with it and their families is the answer

Shelby Powell
4:15 PM

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