Friday, October 04, 2013

Blog #4 Syria: Refugees inside their own country


4.25 million Syrians lack a home due to the ongoing violence. They targeted the citizens using bombs, forcing them to abandon their lives. With the conflict, Syria's medical system has suffered immensely. Also, many Syrian doctors has fled the country while aid agencies try to provide medical relief. 60% of public hospitals have been affected by the Syrian conflict. TheUnited Nations Security Council is doing thir best to ensure aid as well. Despite te danger several Non-governmental Organizations have tried to provide medical care. The 3 year conflict in Syria has taken a huge time on the citizens and those who are involved.

The issues in Syria has only gotten worse. By causing conflict in certain areas throughout Syria, it has limited their resources. The Syrian citizens can only survive with the help of other countries and those who choose to endure the danger. It is only a matter of time before the citizens decide to fight back. Due to the conflict they have limited help, but being forced out of their home is enough to begin a rebellion. The refugees know that they are left with only two options.

Gabrielle Hill

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