Thursday, October 03, 2013

Blog 4 : Taliban Attack

Early this morning, the Pakistani Taliban executed a suicide attack on the compound of an enemy militant commander.  The attack took place in northwest Pakistan at the compound of Mullah Nabi Hanfi.  This compound had been supporting government forces that are fighting the Taliban in Orakazi Agency.  Orakazi Agency is one of seven tribal districts near the Afghan border.  It was reported that the Taliban drove an explosive-laden vehicle at the compound causing a lot of damage.  The wounded were taken to local hospitals as reports of another potential suicide attack were being received.  Hanfi was once in alliance with the Pakistani Taliban until a difference in leadership occurred.  Ever since they split, both groups have been targeting each other.  Shaidulalh Shaid, the Taliban spokesman, took responsibility for the actions that had taken place.  He also claimed that anyone who opposes the groups ideology and tries to fight against it will be on his hit list.

It has been made clear that the Pakistani Taliban isn't fond of any force that opposes them.  The feelings between the Pakistani Taliban and their opposing forces are similar to other groups that conflict back here in America.  One example would be the mutual feelings between two rival gangs.  They will almost always resort to violence when they see each other or they will go out of their way to send a message to their enemies.  That is about dead on with what the Taliban does in Pakistan.  The solution for both is pretty much the same as well.  I believe that gangs will never die in this country just like how the Taliban will never fully die out in Pakistan.

Kaelin Graham
12:50 p.m.

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