Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog 5 : Corrupt Government Officials

On Tuesday, eighteen suspects were arrested in the bust of an alleged kidnapping gang.  Of these eighteen suspects, thirteen of them were active-duty federal police officers.  All of the suspects were arrested in connection with seven homicides and four kidnappings in Guerrero state.  If convicted, the suspects could receive up to a 70 year sentence in prison.  Authorities are still investigating whether or not this gang has any relation to crimes in other parts of Mexico.  Eduardo Sanchez, the government security spokesman, said that these arrests show the government's commitment to cracking down on corruption.  For years, Guerrero state has ranked the highest in homicide rates among Mexican states.  This is a statistic that is typically brought up when discussing the security situations in that area.  Also, it is notable to point out that there were more than 105,000 kidnappings nationwide last year, but only about 1,300 of them were even reported.

It is a shame when those who have taken an oath to serve and protect the people are the same ones putting them in harms way.  Really why even be in that profession when you have those intentions.  The people of any society are supposed to be able to trust the ones who they rely on to defend them.  With this arrest occurring, it could really affect the perception and trust people have in their government.  How can you really have faith in someone if you don't know if they are corrupt or not?  In addition, nobody is sure exactly how much of the government is corrupt and how much isn't.  I am under the impression that a large portion of their government and the government throughout the nation is corrupt if over 100,000 kidnappings went unreported last year. This problem could have the potential to cause other issues especially when it comes to public relations between the people and their police forces.

Kaelin Graham
1:32 p.m.

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