Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog 5: Fat and Thin Find Common Ground

Fat and Thin Find Common Ground


In today’s society, health is considered to be a hot topic. Whether someone is too thin, or overweight it is still an issue that must be solved. In this article the common factors between one being excessively thin and overweight are being discussed. The anti obesity activists are worried that the eating disorder community undermines the medical risk of obesity; and it has actually just recently been classified as a disease in June. Many people recognize anorexia and bulimia as eating disorders, but binge eating is considered to be the same thing. Obesity was dealt with in the medical professions, and eating disorders such as anorexia were dealt with in psychology professions. Binge eating is consuming large portions of foods in a two hour window without purging at least once a week for three months. The stereotype is that only thin people have eating disorders.

Once they finally tried to bring obese people and underweight people in the same facility for treatment, it had its positives, and negatives. In some sense, people felt very comfortable and understood that even being thin one can still be miserable. The negatives consisted of some people looking at others as if their problems were miniature, and not as complicated. However the concept is now acknowledged and understood that the weight of a person should not be the focus, it should be the persons behavior. A healthier food environment could benefit in both worlds.


This article is beginning to inform people how obesity and underweight people are both experiencing the same type of issues which are behavior. For years many people felt as though people experiencing underweight issues have a problem with controlling their behavior; however that is the same issue that people who are overweight experience. This article does a great job with advocating the voice for people with health issues. It lets you know that although someone is very skinny, that does not mean that they are extremely happy or comfortable with their body; and seeing one that is overweight can show a person that is suffering from underweight issues that they are by no means fat. Both are health issues consisting of one being able to control their eating habits. We as a society must work together, and a healthier food environment will definitely be beneficial.
Courtney Brown
October 11, 2013
12:40 pm

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