Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog 5: Kenyan Riot

The attack on Westgate Mall in Nigeria seems to have led to many riots in Kenya. It has also increased ethnic and religious tensions in the country of South Africa. It was recently reported by LA Times that “four people were killed and a Christian church was burned in riots in the Kenyan city of Mombasa which followed the killing of a Muslim cleric the night before.” Apparently, unidentified gunmen shot Sheik Ibrahim Rogo Omar and three of his associates after they left the Masjid Musa mosque. The mosque is known for preaching a radical strand of Islam. The report does not discuss the burning of the Christian church. It does not give details of how or why the church was burnt. Yet, it is obvious that religion plays a large factor in the recent violent uproars.

Recently, Kenya and many other African countries have been in the news for crime, shootings, poverty and all of the other negative things that is associated with being a poor under-developed country. Lately, the South African and Kenyan news have been linked to the Muslim, Shabab group who is responsible for the attack on Westgate Mall and who also has been responsible for the recent terror of Kenyan city. The terror of the group is stronger than just a local issue; the group could come to the United States, a predominantly Christian nation, and terrorize our beliefs and how we live.  It is a possibly that the attack could be first aimed at the leaders, the persons who have the most authority and people following them in hopes of conforming everyone else to do and think the way they want them to think.


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