Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog #5 Saudi women drive despite ban

This article is about the civil disobedient going in Saudi Arabia with the women of its country…driving is the crime they are choosing to do. They are documenting their disobedience all over the web from twitter to YouTube.  Its speaks on how this disobedience was ended on yesterday by police and the pictures show it, also the men protestors that were on the road fight against this acting of female driving but there is also support in the streets from women and children and even some women giving them thumbs up as they drive by. They see this as their brave fight against rules as the document it with videos, pictures, tweets on post on public websites. They are doing this to show that there is nothing wrong with a woman driving that it does not cause any unusual side effects. It tells about the arrest women have endured for deriving and it being called public disturbance. It tells about this women campaign that has been going on all week and how they hope it will spark the view of women driving carefully and with any harm being done across their kingdom starting this October 23rd all of this is preparation of this. A women that has pretty much started this all is Ms. Nafjan who is a mother and a Ph.D. candidate she has received threats to her life for this cause

this whole article is so powerful is the sense that it is empowering such a simple thing but has so much more meaning to it than anyone who isn’t in the situation that these women are in. the main thing driving… crazy right but it is a women driving on the road is Saudi Arabia is seen as taboo, illegal and even dangerous others and even said to be for the women. One women as seen this as ridiculous her name is Ms. Nafjan who is well educated and also a mother herself.  She has been through arrest and even threaten for such a simple thing of taking women out to driving around their kingdom and some of this most dangerous areas which takes a lot of power to stand up to men in their country and fight for simple thing. Throughout the week she and other women that have driven or either she has taken driving have posted pictures and videos of them driving and standing up against this, they have also started a movement for a campaign that will start October 26rd  called driving with them driving daily . They only have been stopped by hateful men that call the police which shows that many other people support this idea of women driving.
Shelby Powell

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