Friday, October 11, 2013

Blog 5: Syrian rebel fighters guilty of serious abuses

Syria is experiencing attacks from the opposition fighters aka the rebel fighters. The abuse began August 4th when the fighters overran government and army positions and occupied over 10 Alawite villages. The government in Syria launched a counteroffensive on August 5th the day after the attacks. In turn the government regained full control by August 18th. The rebel fighters attacked a Village near the Syrian city of Latakia. There were 190 civilians that were killed. That type of crime may amount to crimes against humanity. The rebel fighters would randomly open fire into these villages and attempt to kill entire families or killing the adult male in the household and holding the woman and children hostage. Till this day over 200 civilians are still being held hostage; most women and children. The Human Rights Watch has gathered evidence suggesting killings, hostage/kidnapping and other types of abuses cause by the rebel fighters. This group strongly urges to stop selling to supplying firearms and ammunition.

Syria is a country that needs to establish a modern state. They need to localize territory, establish a legitimate government, loyal population and recognition of other states. In the article the Human Rights Group stated "Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's family belongs to the minority Alawite sect, which is associated with Shia Islam. His government has consistently blamed the country's conflict on "terrorists" backed by foreign powers, while his own forces are accused of abuses, including the use of chemical weapons against civilians." With that being said it is evident that the group blames the president for the abuse that they are receiving from the rebel fighters. Once Syria is able to establish a legitimate government and give their trust to their leader that could cut down on a lot of the crime. Also a loyal population can definitely decrease the crime. If this country came together as one instead of fighting each other and killing one another they could build to become a better country. Causing strife among each other is not solving the problem. Crime is happening throughout the world and in most areas they have groups like the Human Right Watch group to observe the situation and obtain evidence. These groups are for the people and their safety.

Jasmine Lea

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