Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6 "Air Pollution in Europe"

European Environment Agency (EEA) study shows that there is connection between low birth weight and air pollution. Women living in Europe urban sectors have very high chances or giving birth to under weight babies. "Air pollution is causing damage to human health and ecosystems. Large parts of the population do not live in a healthy environment, according to current standards.” The advice to this is for Europe to really go beyond their legislation requirement and pushed for this change or else the problem will not be solved. The environment will also suffer due to the results of air pollution. “The EEA report showed that data suggested that up to 96% of the EU's urban population was exposed to fine particulate matter concentrations above UN World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.” The major concern is that 98% are dangerous ozone concentrations of ozone layers that will succeed the recommended levels by WHO. Babies born with low birth weights are risk for mortality and illness. They are also at risk for asthma and reduction in lung functions.
            This is a really big concern especially for the vulnerable populations like elderly, toddlers, or pregnant women’s. Strict regulations will have to be set for companies to follow. The government will have to find efficient ways for people to travel around without cars, to dwindle car emissions. Air pollution in Europe doesn’t only affect them but contributes to the car emission globally. This begins from a local level but pays a contribution to the global levels. This is something need to be addresses international and involves the cooperation’s of all nations.  
Mailee Vue
October 18, 2013   

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