Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6: Protest After France Expels Two Immigrant Students

Protest after France Expels Two Immigrant Children


All of France has recently been shocked after a 19 year old American student, and a 15 year old Kosovo girl were taken off of the school bus by the police so that she could then meet up with her family and be sent back to Kosovo. Many students protests, along with adults and also called for the resignation of the interior minister. The minister, who is known as Manuel Vall, is a member of the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande, and he has been a strong proponent in particular of deporting of Roma. However he has also been known to remove others who lack proper immigration papers, a policy which has also been followed by the previous government, which had been led by conservatives. On Thursday afternoon, however the government began to view Mr. Valls differently, and questioned his judgment after he allowed the police to pull these children off of the bus to be deported. Many were finding it shocking that the police went to this extreme, as to pulling a child off her bus in front of her classmates. Many of the classmates were left confused and worried about the poor child, feeling as though maybe she had done something wrong or was a criminal. The Kosovar girl was shadowed with the racial politics of France. However the case of Khatchik Kachatryan was not and he was deported Saturday, October 12th. Majority of the people from the government, Mr. Hallande were expected to adopt a much less confrontational approach to France troubles, however there seems to be no difference. Mr. Valls has been very outspoken throughout this difficult time in France that Roma immigrants pose. He has even said rude remarks such as “the majority must be returned to the border” or “only a minority” of Roma can be integrated into the French society. His remarks shocked many people, but the protestors of this situation still stand strong.


This article is very shocking, and the way that the police handled this is disturbing. No child should have to go through something like this. The Kosovar girl probably felt a sense of embarrassment, as well as confusion about what was going on. I feel as though this situation could have been handled much differently. I understand that immigrants must have the proper paper work, in order to migrate, however in a situation in which children are involved, I think that things should be thought through more. Her parents were not able to do anything to stop this situation; it is as if they were helpless. I feel that the protestors are right for standing strong about this. The only thing they can do is display how they feel, and that it was wrong, no other way around it. The child’s teachers even decided to write letters, helping prevent this from ever happening again. They feel as if the child is able to fully comprehend others, and speak fluently, and is learning well then she should have been left alone.
Courtney Brown
October 18, 2013
1:30 pm

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