Friday, October 18, 2013

Blog 6: Serbia-Continues fight against illegal migration

Serbia “continues fight against illegal migration”

In a recent Ministerial conference on illegal migration held in Bucharest, Romania. The issue raised for Serbia was that they have seen a good solid increase in illegal migration since the year 2009. Serbia’s prime minister and interior minister have stated that these illegal migrants are predominantly from African or Asian countries.  More specifically the territory in Serbia has seen the Pakistani, Afghanistan, Syrian; Algerian and Somalian people use Serbia on route to more developed countries in Europe in an illegal and not certified way.
Serbia is doing a lot to stop this trend, in the early months of this year, they stopped 7228 attempts at getting past there border illegally which is a fall of %31 from that point the year before where the number of attempts stopped was at 8792. Serbia have found the most used border which is the one they share with Macedonia where the area is known as the Green line.
2011 the Serbian authorities foiled 10383, when then rose to a height of 13897 in 2012.
A Serbian politician named Ivica Dacic has said that it is vital that there is international cooperation with this issue which is aimed at the countries allowing them to pass through along with the countries in which they wish to arrive at. He was very stern when pointing out that illegal migration; human smuggling should not be separated with human trafficking as this would help stop the recent trend. The Serbian government have stated that one of their main focuses is to stamp down on the prevention of human trafficking as they wish to stop these illegal transfers.
This social issue raised in this article has seen the issues once again that international cooperation is always needed but not always received. The Serbian government is asking for help by countries involved but whether or not they get that cooperation is another issue. The trafficking of humans should not be separated from illegal migration and human smuggling as they fall under the same category, you may as well shine the light on all these issues instead of focusing on just the two when they are all necessarily the same thing. 
James Dougherty

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