Friday, October 25, 2013

Blog 7: Hardships Mounting for Refugees Inside Syria

There is estimated to be about five million Syrians that are now refugees in their own country. In addition, two million Syrians have left their country and more than twice that number are facing privations at home.  According to Save the Children, a fifth of Syrian families go without food one week a month. These staggering numbers are the result of long civil war in Syria that began in January of 2011. Prior to the war, this country produced most of its own food and medicine, and despite worsening economic inequality had a strong social safety net and educational system by regional standards. Aid workers analysts warn that as the war continues into its third winter, deaths from hunger, disease and cold could begin to exceed those from violence which has already killed 115,000 people.

The rising poverty and death toll rates in Syria are a socially created problem because they are a result of the civil war in their own country. Because civil wars are caused by social injustices in ones’ own country in which people usually attempt to have more freedom or independence, they are therefore a socially created problem. In Syria’s case, the civil war was caused when protesters voiced their opinions against the Assad’s regime. Families in these countries are being greatly impacted in many ways from having to leave their home country to living out on the streets with no food. Children are paying the price in terms of health, education and psychological trauma. At this point, even if the war were to end soon, Syria would need a lot of help and assistance from other countries in order to begin the process of building back their country. 

Karina Velazquez
4.42 pm

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