Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog 7 : Technology and Terrorism

Terrorist Attempt Ethiopia and Suicide Bomber in Nairobi

Technology has enabled society to be more violent in some ways which is how technology connects to these articles.

In Nairobi, Kenya fifteen people were killed in a café at the hands of a suicide bomber. Out of those 15 people at least four of them were found to be Ethiopian soldiers. A militant Somali Islamist group called the Shabab claimed responsibility of the attack.  The attacker was strapped with explosives and detonated them around 11:00 am that morning. The suicide bomber’s target was Ethiopian soldiers who were known to frequent the café.  

In Ethiopia while preparing a bomb meant to end a large number of people’s lives. Two unidentified men were killed when their plan backfired. The attack seemed to be in at the location of a World Cup soccer game between Ethiopia and Nigeria. This attempted attack was one in the same of bombing that took place in 2010 during the broadcast of the World Cup.

These stories are both about terrorism attacks. Terrorism as we talked about in a previous chapter is a form of violence that is on an increase around the world. Technology enables terrorism to be added to the dimension of regional conflicts and allows countries to be made vulnerable.  The terrorist attempt in Ethiopia is only one of many heard around the world. Terrorists or anyone who has the intent to do harm to a group of people for that matter has a full open network and ways to do so (either buy using new technologies or adding on the older technologies).  Solutions to terrorism may even be brought up when you think about technology and terrorism from the perspective of using technology to combat terrorism. If scientist could find a way to somehow know about a terrorist attack before it happens, terrorism could decrease and be seen as a pointless venture.

Cynthia Brooks
October 23 2013
11:40 am

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