Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blog 7: U.S. and 10 Other Nations Back Peace Talks, but Syrian Moderates Are Uncertain

Summary:  For months, countries including the United States, European nations, and Arab nations, have been planning United Nations peace talks to end the bloody civil war waging in Syria.  Earlier this week, eleven nations expressed support for the peace talks to take place, but the moderate Syrian opposition has not yet decided whether or not to join.  The nations presently involved outlined several goals to remind the Syrian opposition of their support against the Syrian government.  They spoke of the political settlement that would end Syrian president Assad's reign over the country that has led to 100,000 of deaths and a two year long civil war.  The group also expressed the intent to support the Syrian rebel forces through the process, however the Syrian opposition still remains skeptical.

Analysis:  Weeks ago, United States president Obama cancelled a military strike on Syria that the Syrian opposition was relying on as a strong retaliation against the Syrian government.  The US called off the strikes after agreeing to a Russian plan to end Syria's chemical weapons program, which has already begun taking shape over the last few weeks.  The Syrian rebels have been a force against the plan to destroy Syria's chemical weapons arsenal, saying that it will not end the civil war.  It seems that the opposition is skeptical of any assistance at this point, and seems determined to take down the Syrian government alone.

Eva Holland
Oct 24, 2013

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