Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog 8: Before Malala

Before Malala

Since her recovery from the Taliban shooting Malala Yousafzai received the Mother Theresa Award. SHe has also been known as one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World" her bravery and commitment to peace shines through as she explains the importance of education is known to be inspiring to others. There are a few who understand the stereotypes that are among the region of Afghanistan. There are some sources that believe that it was Malala's doing that lead to the British defeat of the Battle of Maiwand. Because of this many now believe that it is possible to be a Muslim from a Pashtun society and enforce the importance of nonviolence. Considering the fact that women do not play much of a role in society Malala also proved that women are a important role in public affairs is considered to be one of her greatest accomplishments.

It is important to have people like Malala in this type of culture and society. Speaking out against violence being a Muslim and in a society where women have no say is breaking a norm to the extreme which many would serve devastating consequences for. After her traumatic experience with one of the most violent terrorists in the world she was still able to come out of it and make a statement that empowered women in her society. She thought that education women would be beneficial and speaking on keeping the peace by interacting with nonviolence. It is because of people like Malala women around the world are now getting an education and that is the greatest accomplishment of all.

Emily B. Lewis
5:34 P.M.
October 30th, 2013

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