Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog 8 "Human reponsible for Climate Change"

Scientists all around the world are certain that human is the cost of climate changes. Whether that it is environmental destruction from deforestation to fossil feud emissions, they are all activity done by humans. “Human activity has been responsible for at least half of the increase in global average surface temperatures since 1950, the report concludes.” In the past thirty years, it has been recorded as the warmest years since 7th century and the cause of this is due to human activity. “Since the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century, levels of carbon dioxide and other gases have risen at rates unprecedented in the preceding 800,000 years.” As scientist grew more and more attention toward this topic, there is no doubt that human activity influences the global change in climate.   Since the 1900, the ocean has imbibed about 90 percent of the increase in carbon dioxide. This we see is having a huge impact to marine life which is going on right now.    
Climate change is a complex issue needed to be addressed. There are many controversies to this issue, there are billions of people in this world starving to surviving on whatever means they can find. The question is raised to what is considered more worthy people’s lives or environmental life? There are so many social problems in the world, people will support those that they are more effected and similar to them. Climate change is an issue that can be difficult to understand for those without an education. Only those with college degree and employed in the professional field can sacrifice their effect in fighting for policy changes to climate change.   
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October 28, 2013

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