Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog 8 Polio Outbreak


The World Health organization (WHO) confirmed the outbreak of polio cases in Syria. The outbreak that occurred among children and was the result of them being unimmunized and or under immunized. Ten children so far have tested positive for polio so there are fears of a serious regional outbreak. 12 children are said to be having side effects of polio but are awaiting the test results. This infers that there could be thousands more that are suffering and may to be infected. Polio is transmitted through contaminated water and food supplies that many of the displaced Syrians come in contact with. WHO states that this will require a massive multi-country response in order to have a chance at getting the virus under control.

Technology is seen to some as the great leveler that will make education and opportunity available to all but it is also seen to some as the very thing that could continue to destroy the lives of others. Technology can bring access to many things that people may have never had before. Those things may be good or bad. Technology may hold the only answer for diseases without a cure that currently exist in the world. On the other hand the same technology that may hold a cure, when put into the wrong hands, can be used an extermination agent for those wanting to set into place genocide.

As we read about this week in chapter 10. Under Marx theory if these refugees and displaced Syrians had access to the resources of clean and adequate food and water supply this polio outbreak has a very decrease chance of occurring. Now under attack of the polio virus this could sweep across the nations and could ultimately significant decrease the world’s population. It is important to reiterate the importance of the basic elements of human life we need in order to survive such as nutrition and sanitation.
Cynthia Brooks
October 30, 2013
11:54 am

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