Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blog 8

No matter where we go in the world women and childern are usually the ones that have a harder life. Whether its not being able to go to school, or find a job. In the UK, Cyprus, Spain, and Italy have longer and healthier life expectancy than those that live in Britain. Other European countries take better care of the families that live there.One in four children live in poverty, and only half of them will reach "a good level of development" by the time they turn five years old. Mother's can't afford to go back to work after they have a child because of the expensive childcare cost. Only 15 hours per week, free hours, are allowed early education for children over three. The numbers for young adults over 18 being unemployed are also increasing rapidly every year.

I think the reason Britain is one of the European countries that has one of the lowest life expectancy is because the people who have a higher economic status rarely try to help those in need. The ones in poverty can't pay for health problems, childcare, and other important things. Therefore, families are forced to live on the streets, forced to live with sicknesses, if any, etc. The lower your status is economically the worse your health is.

Tyera Fisher

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