Friday, October 04, 2013

Egyptian Terror

In Egypt on Friday, at least four people died (Brotherhood Supporters) in a clash between two neighborhoods in Cairo to reinstate Mursi. An Egyptian army vehicle fired live rounds into the crowd of the Brotherhood supporters who were trying to enter Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Riot police were told to fire tear gas into the crowd to cause them to fall back from reaching the presidential palace. The Brotherhood used to be very popular in 2011 but after Mursi’s rule they became very unpopular. Egypt has suffered a lot of political and economic turmoil since Mursi was overthrown. Friday’s violence was due to Mursi supporters trying to enter Tahrir Square. Also on Friday, the Salafi Jihadi militant group stated that any Bedouin leader who cooperated with Egyptian authorities would be targeted.

Fear of terror has spread around the world. The power of terror is to command attention to an issue and this has successfully been done here. State terror is becoming a pressing issue in Egypt due to opposing rulers and states because the different supporters go after each other causing clashes as what happened Friday. Innocent people are dying because of the political and economic turmoil from different leaders. It may become even more dangerous in Egypt as the economy and politics become worse with the new leader. Suicide bombers may become an issue.

Ashley Moore
4:42 pm

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