Friday, October 04, 2013

Blog 4: Thievery Comes After Carnage at Kenya Mall

"Thievery Comes After Carnage At Kenya Mall"



In Nairobi, Kenya many people are still frightened and also questioning the ransacking of the Westgate mall, which consisted of people being killed and injured. The looting took place on September 21st, however it is now that people are starting to question how these robbers had such a successful plan, and how they had so much time to do everything without being stopped. Islamist militants burst into the mall on September 21st killing women, men, and children, and a week later shopkeepers were finally let back in the mall to clean up broken glass. Now people are beginning to question if the Kenyan army purposely prolonged the crisis by saying that there were still shooters in the building, when in fact they were already dead; just to allow themselves more time to steal. In fact 77 percent of viewers stated that they believe Kenyan Army was responsible for the robbery of Westgate. Many expensive items such as smart phones, laptops, cameras, Swiss watches, and etc. were stolen, and these are items that were supposed to be under tight guardians by the military. The military was considered to be the most professional of Kenya’s security up until now. Words spoken by people in Kenya are “it’s sad that people who were supposed to protect us have robbed us.” Many used to view the police force as being the most corrupt. However after the mall attack, police officers are being viewed in higher light, because they were the first to respond, and many were even off duty.


This event that has taken place in Kenya is unfortunate, however it not only happens in Kenya but this happens everywhere. Crime is important, and an issue that the society must work on as a whole, however it is beginning to decrease as police force has become more proactive and enforcing stricter laws. This crime that has taken place in Kenya is considered to be a white collar crime; in which is usually committed by trustworthy individuals for themselves. As soon as someone puts their trust into someone, it can instantly be taken for granted. Many cases where crime happens it is in the end where the one who has committed the crime feels as though they will be rewarded. I do believe that the Kenya military were responsible for this crime because it seems that it happened too smooth, without any issues. The Kenya military knew their power, and they simply abused it, thinking that it would not be recognized.

 Courtney Brown
3:20 pm


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