Friday, October 11, 2013

U.S. Captures al Qaeda Member

Blog 5: U.S. Captures Suspect in Twin Embassy al Qaeda Bombings
An accused al Qaeda operative was captured by the United States forces according to CNN on Sunday (Karadsheh, Cruickshank, & Shoichet, The wife of an accused al Qaeda operative stated that, “masked men ambushed her husband when he was on the way home from morning prayers (Karadsheh, et. al CNN)”. Additionally, the U.S. Defense Secretary referred to Abu Anas al Libi, the accused al Qaeda member as "one of the world's most wanted terrorists”, however his wife disputed that he was ever involved in any bombings. She went on to defend her husband by stating that he was innocent and that he was absent from al Qaeda since 1996.
Al Libi has been suspected of participating in the two U.S. Embassy bombings that took place in Africa back in 1998. The fact that al Libi’s wife stated:
 “I am sure of what I am saying. He did not take part in any bombing anywhere in the world”, yet he participated in the jihad in Afghanistan. .... He was a member of al-Qaeda and he was personal security for (Osama) bin Laden -- that's true -- but he did not take part in any operation (Karadsheh, et. al, CNN)” speaks volumes.
I do not believe that any person could be an accomplice to a crime and be innocent, especially a personal body guard to Bin Laden. How do we know that his wife is not trying to cover for him? Something seems very shady to me. It is possible to get married to a person and not really know who you married. In countries following the Arabic/Muslim traditions marriages are prearranged. You never really know someone until you have lived with them. Shouldn’t a red flag have gone off in the wife’s head though, regardless of marital tradition? If I knew that I was going to be a wife of an Al Qaeda member I would have had to find another option, however it is hard to say what one would or would not do if you have not walked in their shoes.
Moreover, the mission was conducted with the knowledge of the Libyan government according to a U.S. government official, (CNN). The Pentagon stated that “the U.S. military was holding al Libi in a “secure location” outside Libya. A U.S. official told CNN that he was taken to a U.S. Navy warship after his capture, (Karadsheh, et. al,CNN).” I honestly think this is a governmental conspiracy thing. I am not a political person, nor am I a governmental conspiracy theorist, but something about this does not seem right. I mean when we put it all in perspective, The United States created al Qaeda when we gave Iraq guns to protect itself against rebels to form a somewhat democracy. Now all of a sudden, we captured a suspect in the Twin Embassy bombings?! It seems like the U.S. is a frienemy in some cases.

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