Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog 10: Africa: Helping Mothers to Deliver Healthy Children Safely

The author describes how holding Kumi’s had while she was giving birth was an unforgettable moment. Kumi, the mother of newborn bay Adame, gave birth to her daughter in Ethiopia without access to the basic essentials needed for childbirth. Although her delivery went exceptionally well and her daughter is now healthy, there are millions of females out in developing worlds who are just like Kumi and do not have access to the needed equipment such as proper lighting, clean equipment, and trained medical staff. Along with proper equipment, these women don’t have access to family planning. Family planning can be beneficial when it comes to helping women to space out and limit their pregnancies. Spacing out childbirth can lower the number of children and mothers that die young. Many women either don’t know about or have misconceptions when it comes to how fast one can get pregnant after giving birth. Family planning will educate these women and help them to live healthier lives.

When I was reading this article I could not help but to think about the things that we take for granted in America. Most women don’t have to worry about where they are going to give birth at because we have the access to the proper tools needed for child birth. The fact that Ethiopia does not have the proper tools available to everyone leads to women having no other choice but to give birth at home. Women that are giving birth in their homes or not in the care of trained people are at risk for serious birth complications. This has an effect on both the mother and the child and leads to an increase in the death and mortality rate. I think proving family planning can be beneficial because some women need to be educated. I think mothers would love to know ways to keep themselves and their children healthy. 

Khadijah Tucker

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