Thursday, November 14, 2013

Blog 10: Car Mechanic Dreams Up a Tool to Ease Births

Car Mechanic Dreams Up a Tool to Ease Births

Jorge Odon basically came to realize that the same knowledge about pulling a cork out of a wine bottle could be used to pull a baby out that was stuck in the birth canal. He built a prototype in the kitchen, using a glass jar to symbolize the womb, his daughters barbie doll to symbolize the trapped baby, and a fabric bag with a sleeve sewn by his wife, which symbolized the lifesaving device. As stated in the article, "With the Odón Device, an attendant slips a plastic bag inside a lubricated plastic sleeve around the head, inflates it to grip the head and pulls the bag until the baby emerges." Many doctors are saying that this has potential to save babies in poor countries, or even reduce cesarean sections in others. 

There are so many complications going on with births, so many children dying shortly after being born, and many women dying in childbirth. Sometimes the child's head is too large and the mother's contractions can stop. If they aren't in one of the richer countries, the the mother is on her own and they can't rush her to the operating room. In some situations like this, they will use large rounded pliers, which can crush the baby's head or twist its spine if its used the wrong way. Dr. Merialdi thought the idea was fantastic and wanted to arrange more testing. This device will only take $50 to make and could be beneficial to many future births. My first thoughts when hearing about this creation, was that it was very dangerous and could be harmful. I thought about all soft points in the baby's skull and it scared me at first. However, now I personally think its a great idea, only if its tested many times and proven not to do any harm to the baby. I was born by a cesarean section myself, so an invention like this could've prevented my mom and I from going through that experience. 

Quarshona Collins
November 14, 2013 
10:37 am

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