Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blog 10: Egypt 'worst for women' out of 22 countries in Arab world

This article talks about a recent poll that was taken  by the Thomson Reuter Foundation in reference to women and how they are treated in the different countries in which that live by surveying 330 gender experts in 21 Arab league states also Syria. It talks about how the poll showed sexual harassment, high rates of genital mutilation, and growth in conservative Islamist groups contributed to low ranking. This is the third study they have done since 2011. Egypt is named the worst in sexual harassment with Iraq right behind it ranked at number two, then Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. There are some that are at the top of this list like The Comoros because of the high women ministerial levels followed by Oman, Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar who are also at the top. It tells that many of the problems are made by the decimating laws and trafficking of women that make some of these place has the worst numbers on the poll, with many of these economies depending on the trafficking and forced marriages, sexual harassment plays a big factor.  With these societies having huge acceptance of women being harassed it affects all females with no limit no matter who they are. The article also talks about those conservative places that welcome and have better ranking in female education, healthcare, reproductive rights and gender violence.

This article shows light on a great poll that gives way to show the harsh side out what is going on in countries on the Eastern side of the world. The microscope being put on them to show that some things have to change an one of those thing is given females the same rights as males so that your whole state, or country may prosper and fare much better in comparison to larger countries in their economic value, education, and overall rights for its people. It’s very shocking to read that the conservative states are more welcoming and partial to the ideas that women and female need education to make their lives better for them as well as their countries, that the need healthcare to insure that they will help the birth to death rate be even and balance out their population, the females also need that education so that they two can help better the economy and the state of their overall country, but also that they two need rights because without the they can be abused openly without the aggressor being handle accordingly and that they are human and equal just like man an while they are at war dying that there is assurance that there is someone watching over the land.
Shelby Powell

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