Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog #10: Tide Of Syria War Favors Assad As The West Pushes For Peace


As the war continues, more have become in Assad’s favor. Russia, Assad’s key ally as well as the U.S. is pushing for peace. They are currently negotiating in Geneva. Since the attacks on rebel territory, the U.S. and Russia has been put under pressure to attend the discussions. President Assad’s fear of losing power has caused a lot of unnecessary conflict due to his desire to stay in control. The deal that has been made between the U.S., Russia and Assad to dismantle the chemical weapons located in Syria has allowed the Assad administration to regain legitimacy. The goal has shifted from ‘toppling Assad’ to stopping the jihadist groups linked to al Qaeda who are now considered terrorists.


The U.S., who once made an attempt to stay neutral, is now fully involved in the civil war that has been brewing in Syria for over two years. It seems as if the U.S. went in as a mediator in order to solve the terrorist issue that could later affect the country. Although the rebels are trying to take their country back from the Assad administration, they are becoming a terrorist towards their own country as well as others surrounding them. The U.S. Russia deal to dismantle Syria’s weapons could soon back fire due to the alliance shift. As Assad’s military gains strength, the rebel groups will as well causing the war to become “a war that cannot be won.” The outside interference is not benefiting anyone, it is making the situation escalate more than it should be.

Gabrielle Hill



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