Friday, November 15, 2013

Blog #10

In Amsterdam on November fifth, the Dutch foreign minister on Tuesday denounced Russia's law banning same-sex propaganda of minors, he then went on to say that, "the violation of gay rights could be grounds for asylum in the Netherlands. The Diplomatic relations between Russia and Amsterdam are under a lot of pressure. This pressure has lead to a "sharply worded" letter from Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans to parliament. This could make the situation even worse. In the article Timmermans is quoted saying, " The anti-homosexuality propaganda law has a stigmatizing and discriminatory affect and contributes to a climate of homophobia." He also went on to say that people who are found to be treating those of the LGBT community inhumanely, could be grounds for asylum. This is an ongoing battle between the two countries and shows no sign of ending anytime soon. In fact Russia has been beaten down on due to their beliefs of homosexuality and laws before it host the 2014 Sochi, Winter Olympics.

This article is the first that comes bearing good news over the course of my blogging experience. Readers who come across this article might think it silly that two countries are arguing over this. For one might believe that no country has the right to tell another what to do. On the other hand another reader might believe that another should interfere when it comes to humanity and human rights. Readers might also look over this article and feel as if Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans is doing the right thing, and should stand his ground. For the entire LGBT community needs all of the support they can get. While the other reader may feel as if Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans is putting his nose in places that it does not belong. The reader who is for the LGBT community might view this a big step in helping those in Russia. If one country is willing to stand up for them, then other countries should be able to do the same. However, this should not lead to the two countries fighting and seizing hostages as seen in the article. The reader on both sides of the spectrum might find this to be extreme. When fighting for one's rights one should not take away another person's rights. Then there is that one reader who believes both parties are wrong, and there should be peace and acceptance of all.

Maria Shropshire
4:42 PM 11/15/13

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