Friday, November 01, 2013

Blog 8: DA Alleged sex traffickers in Cambridge part of international ring

This article reports two individuals working together to force two minors into the sex industry. The first, 20 year old Tracey-Bushamie, is convicted of assisting Streety, the individual receiving more allegations. The charges against them include trafficking of minors, prostitution, and rape. Allegedly, they took two seventeen year old girls and transported them to a hotel where they were instructed to preform any sexual acts requested by their customers. When hotel staff became suspicious, they called local police. After finding the on-line ad for the girls services and making contact with one of the girls, they entered the hotel and rescued both girls. The two alleged criminals are facing charges and are currently undergoing trial.

This article does a great job of discussing the steps being taken against the criminals. In many situations, those guilty of human trafficking are not found guilty or receive little to no punishment. I am very encouraged by the extent to which these two are being investigated, and am very hopeful that they will be properly prosecuted. It is also encouraging to read the final paragraph of this article. The district attorney speaks about the statistics and frequency of human trafficking, and acknowledges that many are unaware of this issue. It is extremely important that not only local police forces but also those conducting the trials are knowledgeable and informed of what human trafficking is, what it looks like, and how frequent it occurs. Otherwise, proper prosecution will never occur.

Caroline Califf

Friday, November 1st, 2013

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